Enigma 3 web start page

(click image to start enigma 3)


Java Web Start or latest jre (1.4.0_01 or higher) required!!!! Link to the jre download page

If the image is down, here is the alternate web start link: Enigma 3

Here is the alternate jar file: Enigma3.jar . The jar can be started with: java -jar Enigma3.jar or with a single click on Mac OS X.

You will have to grant access to the application.

In case of an download error, clear the web start cache! It is in program files/javawebstart/cache


a fast machine (600+) with a fair amount of ram (256mb +), you wont have fun with less. (as a comparison: i develop on a 800mhz with 512mb ram)

Current time : Friday 25th 2018f May 2018 09:00:17 AM
Last e3 version from: Monday 16th 2002f September 2002 06:12:11 PM

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